Pigeonhole Thinking

Pigeonhole Thinking

The BSH ProTour impressively demonstrates that the claim for premium quality is not necessarily contrary to road show conditions. This, on up to 2,000 square metres, in eight cities and within a period of four weeks.

The task:

A mobile product fair? On eight locations scattered throughout the federal territory and within a period of only four weeks? The customer, BSH Bosch and Siemens home appliances, requiring premium quality made a task that, in itself, called for sophisticated logistics, even more challenging.


The idea:

Pigeonhole thinking or, more appropriately, product-cube thinking. With this structural concept, METZLER : VATER were successful, not only in matching the exclusivity of the Bosch and Siemens brands, but also in mastering very short setup and removal times with eight lorries, 40 assembly men included. The setup consisted of 17 separate cubes that were aligned in various product and topical sections. In addition, our job included visitor management and  pre-event communication as well as taking care of the guests on location.


The result:

There are figures that speak for themselves. For example, 95 per cent visitor satisfaction, last year; or 1,600 expert visitors; or countless new entries in the order books of BSH.

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