About us

Our portfolio of extraordinary brand experiences: Live, digital and in space.

We create extraordinary brand experiences. Live, digital and in space.

People are in motion. Target groups are in motion. All the time and everywhere. That is why we take the brands to the places where the people are: to the net; to live events; or we create the spaces, where they meet.

Three different agencies commanding very specific expertise take care of this job at METZLER : VATER. Albeit operating independently, they also enjoy sitting together at the same table. Because, it takes each one putting his best foot forward to generate truly effective communication.

In our team at METZLER : VATER everything is about the emotional power of live experience. Because, nothing else can better embed messages in the mind. And, whether creative concepts or sophisticated logistics, our team feels at home in either format, be it at our headquarter on the River Isar, or at our office in Düsseldorf on the River Rhine.

Events : Sports sponsoring : Incentives : Congresses : CRM

Our digital experts at METZLER : VATER campaigns develop concepts for an interconnected world. They create interactive platforms, such as websites, mobile apps, or social-media campaigns in order to convey brand content in a user-friendly manner. Thus, messages emerge that are worthy of being shared.

Campaign conception and realisation : Strategy development : Social-media strategy and realisation : Media production : Process-supported digitalisation

Our specialists at METZLER : VATER space put communication in space to the fore. They develop extraordinary spatial concepts and construct three-dimensional spaces of experience that generate lots of attention – whether it is indoor or outdoor event construction, brand architecture, temporary structures or roadshows.

Communication in space : Trade fair concepts : Event design : Temporary architecture

At METZLER : VATER, more than 150 permanent employees work daily on connecting people. But, never mind the discipline – all of them share the same goal of making interactive communication come alive.

The most important position in our balance sheet: the environment.

At METZLER : VATER, we are committed to sustainable action in all of our business segments – to the benefit of the environment, and to that of our customers. This, demonstrably so, since we are certified by FAMAB as a “sustainable company”.

Certification by FAMAB Verband Direkte Wirtschaftskommunikation ascertains that METZLER : VATER are characterised by the sustainable quality of our products and services.

What does that mean? It means that we discharge of our societal responsibility by committing ourselves to think and act in an eco-sensitive manner; for instance, in terms of energy efficiency or carbon footprint, with regard to waste management and mobility, even in our supply chain. This, acting from conviction and within an increasing number of business segments.

More details concerning sustainability certification are available from FAMAB.

A picture of an agency.

At this point, we let pictures do the talking – about our offices, our projects and our staff. Take a look around and discover professional life, backstage, at METZLER : VATER.